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The Holistic Specialists

Providing Exmouth with Massage & Health Therapies for over 10 years

From relaxation treatments to deeper therapeutic muscle recovery, we endeavour to support, improve and nourish our clients. All our therapists are qualified professionals, experienced, and insured. Located in the picturesque Ningaloo, we offer exceptional remedial massage and alternative therapies. Find your home base within, by visiting our healing hub or booking an appointment with a therapist today.  

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We host therapists from Australia and internationally. Here's what people are saying about us.

Tisa K.
Tisa K.
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I have had many massages but this was by far the best! It was an experience unlike any other because I was transported to a beautiful place yet still remained present. The therapist was extremely intuitive and knew where my body needed more attention. I wish they were in Perth!
Sarah G.
Sarah G.
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My remedial massage was absolutely amazing!!! I would definitely recommend this place as my number one hot spot in Exmouth.
Donna I.
Donna I.
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If ever in Exmouth, a massage from imbibe is a must, best therapist I have ever had. A beautiful mix of varied therapy styles which made for a fabulous experience, no matter what style you like, would suit male or females liking soft or more rigorous massages.
Deanna F.
Deanna F.
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The massage I had here has spoilt all future massages - it was awesome 🙂
Andy J.
Andy J.
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I had a bike accident and was told I might never get full function of my arms back. After a few sessions with Naomi's magical hands, I was back in the game again. Naomi and her staff are constantly trying to improve themselves and the work they do, actively educating themselves on new techniques making their already incredible service even better. Thanks for everything!
Hilary V.
Hilary V.
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Naomi you are truly gifted. I have been in pain for a month... until today. Thank you so much. Your intuitive touch and knowledge of the human body is amazing. I love you xx
Imbibe treatments


Remedial | Sports | Relaxation | Pregnancy | Lymphatic | Shiatsu

30min  $68       90min  $180
 60min  $99      120min  $225

One of our most popular treatments. It benefits in the recovery of physical muscle tension & pain. Increases performance and integrity in the body, improves flexibility and endurance as well as providing relaxation.

Aiding those with physically demanding lifestyles in achieving greater recovery and preventing injury.

Incorporating the use of essential oils, you can destress the mind and body with long flowing movements to create calm, stillness and peace finishing with a head massage.

Laying on the side or with a belly pillow you can enjoy a replenishing massage available during any part of your term using an array of techniques including, relaxation massage, deep tissue, Craniosacral and energy healing to assist in maintaining balance and restoration. 

Cleans out your physical body of toxins, stimulates detoxification and improves vitality.

An ancient healing practice using acupressure. We gently move the muscles and limbs with stretching and pressure for stimulating blood flow and easing physical body ailments.


Ancient Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Craniosacral Biodynamics

Myofascial Dry Needling or Cupping

Soothing Warm Stone

Seichim Reiki Healing

Australian Bush Flower Remedies

Advanced Holistic Cosmetic Acupuncture

Ayurvedic Shirodhara

30min  $75

60min  $120

90min  $180

Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy

CST holds its foundation in Osteopathy. It is a gentle approach to physical and psychological healing to reduce pain and allow the body to recover to normal health. It is a relaxing, calming, rebalancing session on the nervous system, unravelling the dis-ease in fascia and muscle patterns of the body. Somatic healing creates awareness in the mind and body that has stored memory of traumas and dysfunction. The awareness and safe space created returns your physical and psychological health to wellness. It allows for the deepest aspects of the physical body to internally stretch and breathe deeply. Your practitioner will enquire to “listen deeply” to your body’s natural intelligence and inner wisdom to bring mindfulness for profound healing. This therapy is a beautiful healing treatment and often one feels and comments, “it’s magic”.

Advanced Cosmetic Holistic Acupuncture

Restoring and enhancing facial skin, muscle and organ health. A healing of the whole being. Working on hydration, toning, acne, rosacea, scarring, sagging, wrinkles and prevention. Achieving results of enhanced Qi, blood flow and organ health. A direct balancing of the Yin and Yang energies. Your practitioner will use facial diagnosis with facial and body acupuncture points for relaxing and improving the facial appearance, organ health and overall mind-body wellness as well as Chinese herbal medicine to give you a new healthy glow and total body rejuvenation.

Ayurvedic Shirodhara
An ancient Ayurvedic practice. You can choose between decorations of warmed herbal oils, milk, coconut water, or water to gently pour over the marma points on the forehead inducing a state of deep relaxation. Deeply calming the nervous system. A very powerful practice promoting tranquility of mind and improving sleep, counteracting the levels of stress, dispelling anxiety and awakening intuition. Gently softening tensions and restrictions in the muscles via the nervous system. A meditative state enhancing spirit connection. This is a Panchakarma practice – please ask for other detoxing practices to combine with this session.


We offer holistic facial treatments that luxuriously hydrate your skin. We are able to bring the best in Essential Oils and love to focus on balancing the elements within the body, earth, air, fire, water, making for a glowing face for the world the see and you too feel balanced and clear. 
The arid landscape and adventurous lifestyles we lead here at the Ningaloo Reef beckons for nourishing, hydrating skincare. Want a youthful feel, don’t worry we have you covered. 

Facial ACU

Facial needling in
dehydrated areas


Holistic Facial

Western Australian
Wildflower Essences
with a rich Clay mask


Advanced Holistic Cosmetic Acupuncture

Prompting your skin’s ability to regenerate and tone facial muscles, while also reducing signs of ageing. Increases collagen, and moisture production resulting in a fresher face


ACU & Peptide

Facial needling
followed by a hydrating
Hibiscus mask


Tibetan Facial Ritual

Revitalise tired skin with an Ayurvedic mask using a healing Indian Kansa Wand for revitalisation and deep relaxation of the facial muscles, all while Singing Bowls balance your chakras from the background and bring you into alignment 

Option to add on a
Papaya Peel $20


Signature Packages


Our Bronze Package includes:

30min massage,
30min facial


Our Silver Package includes:

60min massage
of your choice,
30min facial


Our Indulgent Gold
Package includes:

customised massage,
decadent facial

Sound Healing Alchemy

Are you ready to have a new lease on life, to be more grounded and relaxed?

During the sessions, sound frequencies are applied to the body and surrounding the body while you lay relaxed on the floor or table. This then induces a meditative, peaceful state that the sound can then bring about entrainment for the brain, allowing the brain to tune into the sound and adapt to it. With stable tones by rhythm and frequency, it can shift you from beta state (normal waking state) to alpha state (almost sleeping state) and beyond this to theta (a meditative state). Delta then comes at the final stage with sleeping, where there is no ego and healing can take place at a much deeper level.
These waves of Alchemic Sound Therapy can assist with emotional and physical disturbances and dis-ease in areas of the subtle/ emotional and physical body, allowing for relaxation and ultimately bringing about peace, growth and inner fulfilment. It is a very calming experience. One not to miss if you haven’t tried this powerful healing modality. Many experiences can happen during a session and these can be life changing. 

For Alchemy Sound Healing sessions hosted by Naomi, please bring an open mind, a comfy mat, pillow, blanket, water, and/or anything needing to be cleansed.

These sessions are advertised through Facebook and in our shop, so keep an eye out for the next event. 

Offering of $25/ pp on the day.

Book a private session
at the hub via the link below, if you prefer outside of the events. Look under the ‘classes’ tab in the booking system. 



Akurra Astro-Therapy is the art of divining the beginning of your Astro birth code and guidance. Unlock and discover your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign.

What you need to work on and what is easier for you.

Life’s goals and purposes will be unleashed. A new sense of self and discovery of understanding your opposite for balance in life, this awakens a new depth of reality we can definitely vouch for.

Learn about affirmations for your body’s health and what parts to take care of.

Enjoy knowledge of tissue salts, herbs, flower essences and the elementals for you specifically.

The “beginning “ moves into “the story” journey, the possibilities sharing clairvoyance, clairsentience and astral healing, shamanic healing and guidance. The “Goddess Temple” continues on from the “story” with the addition of goddess initiation, frequency healing, rituals and soul purpose which is the embodiment of the whole process. 

Naomi has been granted the name “Akurra Astro-Therapist” for her Astrology readings from her recent travels through the Flinders Ranges in South Australia and Tarkine Wilderness in Tasmania, with the help of and being led by spirit guides and indigenous elders, past and present. Akurra is from the Andamathanha, the “Rock People” of the Wilapena Pound area at Flinders Ranges, SA. Akurra is the powerful dreaming serpent. She shares a close connection to the Central Desert and her home Ningaloo Reef.

Naomi has been said to be a spirit guide, teacher, mentor and healer. She is available online and in person. Contact us via the link above to book your Akurra Astro-Therapy session. 

The Beginning (30mins)  $88

The Story (60mins)  $120

The Goddess Temple (90mins)  $220

Naomi is an amazing astrology reader. The way she expressed and explained my astrological reading made a lot of sense of who I am and what I need to learn and look further into. Highly recommend her.
Duma S.


Reiki energy is a gentle energetic healing modality that embodies the Universal Life Force (love/God/Creator) energy. We combine this modality in our course with Seichim. A healing energy that was founded in the great pyramid in Egypt and embodies the sacred feminine healing frequencies. Two unique and complimentary modalities that we feel raise each other up and work together. The Golden Dragon Order works with Earth’s elements, higher dimensions and the underworld to deeply heal emotions and more. One on one training is available now for both courses.

Reiki & Seichim Healing

Level 1 | Level 2 | Masters

Golden Dragon Order

Level 1 | Level 2

*Prerequisite to have Reiki & Seichim Masters training

Distance Sessions

Distance healings are available with Naomi, and are incredibly powerful. If you’re ready to clear out what no longer serves you, realign and allow your true self to shine, contact her here.

About Imbibe Body Therapy

Imbibe Body Therapy has been established at the Ningaloo Reef since May 2012. Our owner, Naomi created this space so people of all ages could come take a deep breathe, relax and find peace. We still to this day receive comments of how beautiful the space is and how good it makes people feel. We believe this is something to be cherished.

We cater our treatments to the likes of surfers, golfers, gym junkies, triathletes, paddle surfers, mountain bikers, marathon runners, footballers, cyclists, swimmers of all ages, singers and musicians, Muay Thai and martial artists, walkers and joggers, expecting mothers, the elderly, youth and toddlers. With many successes in body therapies in the prevention of surgery and early tumour detection, we have many that leave with a new lease on life.

We love supporting you on your journey, whether you’re travelling through or one of our consistent local clients, we will keep providing you with the best Ningaloo remedial massage and body therapy treatments at our healing hub.

We are here to help you, assist you to feel supported, guide you to where you can understand your body, clear your mind, realign, and gently transition you into your bodywork / healing safely.

See the treatments menu or therapists bio’s for what we can offer you, but don’t hesitate to call one of our lovely receptionists for more information.

If you’re travelling through, we recommend you plan to make the most of your stay here in Exmouth, and indulge in a treatment at the beginning of your stay. It’s best to pre-book an appointment before you come to avoid disappointment.

Imagine the ocean sounds lapping in the background whilst receiving one of our unique massage and/ or facial treatments. Our therapists can provide a deeply soothing and calming massage and facial package to suit your needs.

We use only premium skincare ranges to hydrate your face and skin, which will withstand the conditions of the northwest.

Advanced therapies are available, for example Sports Recovery Massage, Myofascial Dry Needling and Cupping, and muscle tendon ligament realignment, Alchemic Sound Healings, and Shamanic Healings/ blessings to name a few.

Group bookings are also available for treatments, where you can prepay in full and just drift out afterwards. In home group or private bookings can be arranged too.

Ningaloo Reef is the ultimate getaway location, pack your bags and make a move to visit or stop for a while. Book before you get here, or some time in advance and you have the option to pay beforehand so you can float out after your session, no fuss.

Call or text us
0427 198 342


We provide a safe and healthy healing space for you to relax, recover and completely restore. We love to host international & local, experienced therapists, as this gives us more scope to heal our client’s bodies and needs. All are fully qualified, experienced massage therapists with insurance. Please ask your therapist if they can provide you with health fund rebates. We currently have a number of skilled therapists visiting for a limited time. Check in with our receptionist about our current services offered by our therapists at this time. 

“Shift your perception to reach your fullest potential.”

Naomi Owner Therapist

Naomi is our owner of Imbibe Body Therapy and is an experienced therapist of 22 years. She has qualifications in Remedial Massage, Cranialsacral Biodynamics Therapy, Wellness Counselling, Spiritual Activations, Australian Bush Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Mindfulness, Master level in Seichim Reiki Healing, and so many more. She is a Stone Keeper, and has been called an Intuitive Healer. Naomi has also been a meditator since 1994, and utilises guided meditation in her sessions where needed.

Naomi has a multitude of modalities in her skillset and often utilises more than two or three in a session, tailoring each appointment for every client. She’s a highly intuitive individual and skilled massage therapist. A session with Naomi will leave you feeling enlightened, incredibly relaxed and realigned on all levels, physical and spiritual. She offers all treatments on our treatment menu for private and group sessions.

Her specialty is to help others to gain a deeper sense of wholeness and connection to spirit. She also offers intuitive Sound Journeys as well as part of her massage experience or special popup events. Her Sound Alchemy Sessions are specifically for those interested in letting go, changing and developing for personal growth. Read more about these sessions in our treatments section.

Holly is a very experienced Remedial Massage Therapist from the east coast of Australia. She has been practicing massage therapy for the past 8 years providing remedial, relaxation, trigger point therapy and pregnancy massage. Her treatments are altered to meet the needs of each individual, with the goal of reducing stress throughout the mind and body and to assist enhancing her clients’ overall health and wellbeing.

Holly uses a range of different therapeutic, deep tissue and trigger point techniques and always incorporates relaxation into the treatments as she believes it’s a huge part of the healing process.

She deems herself a holistic person in many ways as a therapist and how she lives life day to day and believes this is reflected in her approach to massage therapy. Holly is so passionate about self-care and self-development and loves being able to provide a safe, calm space for people to slow down and devote time to themselves whilst assisting them to understand their physical and emotional needs.

She has a love for all things nature and spends her free time by the beach, surfing, diving, out on bush walks, indulging in some self-care, receiving massage, sharing food with friends and exploring new places.

Bio picture of Pablo - our newest massage practitioner

Pablo is from Argentina and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in Physiotherapy, Sports Technician massage, Lymphatic massage, Pregnancy massage and his mastery is in body mechanics which really shines through with his happy customers.

Pablo identifies structurally how to determine what needs to be specifically aligned and corrected. It is a thorough check and analysis process which rebalances your physical body and also your neurological system.

He provides a safe space to reform your body with soft and deep tissue massage techniques, PNF stretching-Assisted stretching, structural adjustment and musculoskeletal adjustments with varied pressure that is suggested by you.

We suggest if you have problem areas, 3 appointments close together then a rest to give your body time to reform.

If you are ready to have a makeover then this is your therapist!

Call or text us
0427 198 342

Gift & Retail Store

We source all of our alternative health care products within Australia, and internationally. Our healing gift shop in Exmouth has so many ideas for you. We stock beautiful soft bamboo clothing, bamboo cups and coconut candles and bowls, gold and sterling silver jewellery, aromatherapy essential oils, Mayde Turkish towels, herbal teas, crystals and stones, oracle cards, incense, yoga mats and props. Drop by to see more. We have gift cards available in store and online.